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Monday, April 12, 2010

It's a Copic wonderland....

Copic markers freshly filled at Scrappin' Time! Not familiar with Copic markers and the wonder they can work? Keep an eye out (and ask at the store) for a new "Copics with Calvin" class coming soon!


  1. I see Sketch in the photo. Do you also sell Ciao? Do you have classes planned? Thanks!

  2. Well, the color choices were the main factor why we went with Sketch. Sketch has 334 colors, Ciao has 144 colors. Also I really like to airbrush. Sketch and the orignal just snap in and you are ready to go. When we first got Copic we started with the orignal. 214 colors and expandable to 334. There will be a Copic class soon I'm sorry for the delay. So many colors, so many choices.