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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tim Holtz

Are you ready for a parade of Tim Holtz' products?? Hold onto your hats... here we go! Tons of new Tim Holtz products new at Scrappin' Time!
In this photo: far left is a package full of vintage inspired buttons. Glue a few to the corner of a picture frame, add to cards and layouts or glue one to a ring for a trendy but inexpensive piece of costume jewelry. Top left: mini paper clips. See below for another photo and more info. Middle: chain and clasps in three colors. Use it to "hang" the embelishments pictured below or in combination with your bird cage die-cut to add even more depth. Right: film strip!!! This might be one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Come in and take a look, you're gonna fall in love!
Many of these embelishments have places to attach to a chain or ribbon. I have to admit that I bought one of each so that I can make some necklaces and bracelets! I also plan on using my Copic markers to color in a few accent pieces and make them truly "mine".

Paper pads! Is your style a little on the girly side? Tim's got ya covered! Do you like warm colors and funky patterns? Tim's covered that, too!

Here's a close up of the mini paper-clips. I should have taken a pic to show you size but they are roughly small enough to fit in the tip of your thumb. These make easy but impactful embelishments and can be linked together to make a custom chain.

Intimidated by Tim's products? I was, too! But in his book "A compendium of curiosities" there are dozens (hundreds?) of photos and instructions that walk you through the projects step by step. It is amazing what this man can do with ink!
Here's a peak inside. The bottom right shows how to use inks to alter the looks/color of the metal embelishments!!
Inspired? We thought ya might be! ;o)

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