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Monday, July 5, 2010

From the Chairman

Well, this is my first and very possibly my last post on this blog. Karen may shoot me.
First and formost I want to thank my DW. This is, was, and positivly the last time I use letter abbreviations for what I have to say. All of you know my darling wife, Karen. She is the reason we opened the store. She was supposed to have more time to scrapbook. If you have read the poem on our homepage and on the right side of our blog, you get the idea. She has not had the luxury of time. We and I mean mostly Karen has spent most of her time at the store. Not scrapbooking.
Last month we started to decide the future of Scrappin Time. As all store owners know the futue is not easy or simple. When a lease is up on a building, it does not mean the time is up on a business. Closing a store is always an option and there are many reasons to do so. THERE are also many reasons not to.
We have seen many changes over the past 3 years. The number 1 thing has been the economy. It has touched all of our lives, and the lives of those we love. Some have not been touched in their day to day lives, but touched just the same. I was one of many that got touched big time. But I know for the company I worked for. It was the right decision, that some of us had to go. I wish them well and hope they survive. We are still a fortunate family, we have spent alot more time together than ever. Which brings me back to Scrappin Time. We know first hand how tough it is. We also have a lot of ladies that have struggled to contine with their family's story. It's not always about time. sometimes it is money. Closing at this time is an option, just not one we are willing to take. We are not closing.
Some stores will move in the name of progress. They also move to save money. I make no bones about it, If we move in the near future it is because we have found a less expensive lease. And if a person is lucky, it will have some other features to brag about. We have been here 3 years, we are not making a big sale out of it. We have sales weekly. We don't have 40% coupons. but occasionaly we have a coupon, just to see if people are reading what we have to say. We appreciate your business and value what you do. I know Karen gets overwelmed by your trust sometimes. She takes it hard when she doesn't have what you want.
Yes alot of things have changed in 3 years. Email, twitter, facebook, blogs and online stores and classes. I want to thank Erin for her time and efferts for helping with this blog. She will still be helping as her time and Our needs allow. Karen has done a super job of the email newsletter. Are we going to start a facebook page? I will say no at this time, It dosen't fulfill what I have in mind. More about this later.
Karen, has taken on a massive undertaking in the last 3 years. I have been able to give her some time away from the store. I think it has suprised a lot of ladies when they come in. I also feel I have been a detriment at time because of my presence. While I have learned more than I thought I could, there is still the matter of trust when it come to putting things in and on paper for all to see in the future. Karen has earned the trust of most of you ladies that come in our door. There are some things that I know that Karen dosen't, but so few I can't mention them now. More about this later.
As for my posting this. I am here to assure you, Scrappin Time is here in Derby, and Derby is where we will stay. We, Karen has worked nearly everyday in the store since we opened, we have had some very good help from our partime help. I wish they were still here, every thing changes. Some good and some not so good. I'm the not so good. but hang in there, with Karen's help I'm getting better.
And finally in closing I will get into details about the future of Scrappin Time. Later.
Enjoy the rest of your holiday, if you are having one. I know the phone company is, because if you call the store, you get a busy signal, and our phone will not be looked at untill tommorow between the hours of 8am and 10 pm. Happy holidays from the chairman.
And here is the disclaimer. The thoughts and views of this chairman are his and do not necessarily represent the rest of staff (KAREN) of Scrappin Time.


  1. Comments are always appreciated, sometimes duplicated. Time to be initiated. Post a comment and be empowered.

  2. Hey Chairman...........Anytime I come in there, you are MORE than helpful. I'm sure I speak on behalf of MANY of the customers when I say it's nice to see a GUY helping out in a store. Nothing wrong with earning an honest living!!

    You folks have a FANTASTIC shop and I am proud to spend my money there! You are always so helpful and friendly.

    Thanks so much!