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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mic - see you real soon - key - why? because we like you - Mouse!

Who doesn't love Mickey Mouse and the gang? Today a new collection of Mickey goodness arrived at Scrappin' Time:

The package of chipboard (the package on the bottom right) comes with tons of shapes and sizes.
This is the back of the package. I think these would make really cool magnets for the fridge or decorations for a Birthday party. To make a really cute Birthday banner cut several large triangles out of patterned paper. Cut one triangle for each letter of the word that you want to spell (ie, McKenzie, Birthday or Celebrate). Attach the flat end of the triangle to a length of ribbon. Glue your letters (cut out of solid colored paper with a Cricut, other die cutting system, use large stickers or cut by hand) to each triangle. Embelish with the bright, fun chipboard shapes and... viola! Instant decoration in under a half of an hour!! TIP: Another twist on this idea would be to use circles or squares instead of the triangles or to use solid backgrounds with patterned paper for the letters. Have fun and make it your own!

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