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Sunday, March 28, 2010

More Totes!

Scrappin' Time can now officially be called your tote headquarters!! Feast your eyes on the tower of totes:

Wowsers!! Isn't she gorgeous??!!?!

Let's take a look at some of the new totes that have come in this past week. Here's a brand new, "Tote-ally cool" blue tote:

it also comes in pink!

Do you ever feel like you need a few extra hands as you carry your stash around? This is a great solution... put your shoulder into it!! Just slip this stylish bag over your shoulder and you're ready to head to a crop or a friends' house. Love it!

This next bag is perfect for someone who likes to pack stuff up for a crop but keeps their tools/stash put away while they are at home. This tote can be stored, when not in use, in practically no space at all:
A view from the top to show you the 6 compartments:

And here it is all folded flat (It comes in blue or pink). Wow. That's flat!!

This last tote is pretty amazing. It rolls up into this compact, portable, stylish buddy:
And inside it hold FOUR zipper topped pouches!
That can be removed!! They velcro onto the base. How cool is this? This would be SO nice to use at a crop and then head back home and use the hook to hang it in your crop space. So cool.

I hope that the totes we showed you today and the ones from a few posts ago will help you find something to spark your creativity and tame your stash!!

"Creative people make a mess, clean it up and make another mess!" -- Timothy Leonard

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