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Friday, January 22, 2010

"Sugar Rush" - Basic Grey

What's better than pink frosting and sprinkles on top of a cup cake? The Sugar Rush line from Basic Grey!
The combinated of pinks, blues, greens and yellows takes this line to a whole new level of indulgence... without the calories! What's fun? Each pice of paper is named after a different yummy treat. With names like "gumpdrop", "jawbreaker" and "pulled taffy" you will literally feel like a kid in a candy store! Click HERE to see the full product line on Basic Grey's website.
Check out this layout (created by Erin M) using just a few pieces of the Sugar Rush line:

The paper used is "Jaw Breakers" (the front and back sides) the alphas are also from the Sugar Rush collection and feature a red background with tiny, distressed pink polka dots. Another bonus? The alphas are less than $2!!
Just look at the huge display of Sugar Rush products (perfect for upcoming Valentine's Day projects) at Scrappin' Time:
Stop by to experience your very own... sugar rush!

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  1. Hi Karen! I'm so glad you decided to join the blogging world.

    Will you by chance be offering mail orders on your blog? I have a lot, lot, lot of people asking me about my chipboard and wondered if by chance they can contact you via your blog to order? No problem if you don't plan to do this, just thought I would check.

    Will check back soon. : )