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Friday, January 29, 2010

Trash to Treasure

Lately we have been seeing tons of bloggers turning true junk into fabulous projects all for a bargain price. In this post, guest blogger Erin will show you how she turned this hideous mirror (found at the Derby Good Will for $1.50 earlier this week) into a cute accessory for her daughter's bedroom.

Let's start by taking a peek at the "before" photo:

Isn't that.... um... how do we put this tactfully.... unattractive? The mauve and blue metallic fabric paired with years of dirt and grime made this piece looked over for years. It took me a bit to look past all of that and see it's potential. I snatched it up (and almost felt the need to explain my odd purchase to the cashier...) and headed over to Scrappin' Time. While I was there I picked out a few pieces of patterned paper from Pink Paislee, a yard of pre-cut ribbon and a bottle of stickles. After lots of destroying and then rebuilding, here is how my trash re-craft turned out:Here's a close up of the mirror's frame:

On the bottom right part of the mirror I stamped a fox from Imaginisce's Twitterpated line that I bought at Scrappin' Time last summer. I cut the polka dot Pink Paislee paper (found on the Valentine's Day display just inside the front door) into 1" x 6" strips and wrapped them around the edge of the frame, securing them in back with adhesive (zip dry would work great for this!) I added the green ribbon to hang it from before gluing the frame to the backing. As a finishing touch I highlighted sporatic polka dots with stickles and folded a few strips of 1/2" x 6" strips accordian style and glued (with zip dry) them over the ribbon to add some depth.

What do you think? Worth the $1.50 investment? I think so!! Have you re-purposed anything lately ? Send us an email (or leave a link in the comment section) and tell us how products from Scrappin' Time helped you turn "Trash into Treasure" and we might even feature it in a future blog post!! Thanks for looking!!

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